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With excellent service, low pricing and reliable products, All Auto Battery 2007 Ltd. has established a loyal base of satisfied customers. Being environmentally friendly doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay more. Reduce waste and lower your repair bill with a visit to our location today. The following reviews are just a sample of the level of customer service you can expect to receive. Feel free to share any comments you may have using the eform on our Contact Us page.

Excellent Service

As a wee bit of a hippie, I will jump at the chance to support a business (especially local), that recycles, refurbishes and repurposes stuff. Enter All Auto Battery; I had no idea places like this exist! If it wasn't for the battery in my car dying and a friend of mine was referring me to All Auto Battery, I would not have known about this little recycling battery oasis.

Based on what I wrote earlier, it’s only natural that I wanted to support this "green" business....( and pay much less for a battery, I'll be honest here). I was impressed by the prompt and excellent customer service. I was in with a dead battery and out with a rebuilt one in less than 20 minutes.
Oh and some little cute mouse was chewing on the grounding cable and it was frayed; badly. So basically, some random night I would no longer have the luxury of driving with lights....and would you believe, this place had a brand new one? Yep, they sure did! It was installed in a nanosecond. So needless to say, I am feeling a lot more at peace whilst driving my car now that it starts regularly and I no longer have the fear of a fire starting under the hood and/or driving at night sans lights.
Great place to go for sure!

– Natalie P.

Good as New

Ok, this isn’t a sexy place, or a fancy place. It looks like a rundown garage, and it definitely isn’t Martha Stewart decorating the walls. It's a garage, with all the dust, the grease and the concrete that you would expect.

But what they do is specialized... car batteries, and not much more. And more importantly, they do it incredibly well.

As you drive in, you'll see shelves of car batteries of all sizes and shapes. But while they do have new ones, take a look (or ask them) at the recycled ones. These are basically a drop dead bargain. They take car batteries, remove the cells, and recycle them with brand new power cells inside. Once done, they're tested, cleaned up and they're as good as new! More importantly... well, this describes the savings best.

AUTO PARTS GARAGE QUOTE FOR NEW BATTERY FOR KIA - $145 + price of installation (about $30)

All Auto Battery with Recycled Battery with New Power Cells - $40 + $10 for installation

Since then, I've found that a lot of local mechanics love this place as well, as well as hobbyists. So if you find yourself with a dying or dead car battery that's beyond redemption, here's where you go.

- Terrence L.

Thumbs Up

Helpful, fast, efficient, polite, reasonable price. Who can ask for anything more? Big thumbs up!

- Lynne H.

No Problems Here
Never had a problem with any battery I bought here and they always have the battery I need. Good place.

- Silvia V.

Keep Up the Good Work
Last year I bought a battery from these guys for my Camry, however, battery died for some reason. last Wednesday I went there to buy a another battery. I believe it was Ali and realize my situation and change the battery for no cost. great job guys and keep up the good work.

- Priyantha M.

The Best
Ali and his staff are the best. They are always willing to help. Rather than gouging for more money they provided me a solution that saved me money. THANKS GUYS!!

- Farzain M.

Great Service
Quick and cheap all around great service

- Kirstie G.

Low Pricing
I bought two refurbished deep cycle RV batteries for a fraction of the price I would pay for new. I have had them for over two years now and have had no issues!

- Landon L.

The owner is an interesting and helpful guy. Thanks for the battery and install!

- Joel C.

Another Happy Customer
I'm always happy with the service I receive and the battery's last for many years.

- Steve B.

No Better Place

Every time I go to All Auto Battery I go home happy. The people there know the problem with my car and I can get a nice battery for my car that'll last for a few years. Overall the service is awesome and I can't find a better place.

- Joe S.

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